Our political system has been hacked
There's no question that there are people at the highest level of the US govt whose first loyalty is not to the US. We need to protect ourselves from them.
by Dave Winer Monday, April 3, 2017

Have you ever had a server that was owned by hackers? I have. All the way back to the beginning, to my LBBS server running on an Apple II in my Menlo Park living room. 

Here's how it goes. You see some odd things, you investigate, find suspicious stuff,  delete it, but it comes right back. Dig a little more, delete it again, it comes back. So you decide to re-install everything and the problem goes away. Or it doesn't. The hack knows how to survive a re-install. 

Well, that's what it's like having a Russia-tainted president in the White House. The hack is in there, doing god-knows-what, but one thing you can be sure of, they're figuring out how not to be removed. 

We've been told it'll be hard if not impossible to get this virus out of there. But we can prevent it from installing more hacks, potentially ones that last longer and are even harder to remove. Like a young Supreme Court justice. 

The Repubs are either compromised themselves, all of them, or they're too blinded by partisanship to see their responsibility. Let's hold back on any appointments by Trump until we get to the bottom of the scandal that's unfolding now. The Supreme Court is too much of a price to pay.