Five days in Perugia
My first post-conference notes. I realize I will have much more to write, esp as some of the projects started here begin to deliver results.
by Dave Winer Sunday, April 9, 2017

It's been interesting in Perugia with me being the designated rep of the open web.

Many many interesting conversations.

Facebook, Google and Amazon were everywhere. They paid for a lot of the conference.

I had a rollicking session. A real come to Jesus revival for the open web. We started two new rivers at the show. One by a very popular startup in the Netherlands that's coming to the US (the startup Jay Rosen was singing the praises of, rightfully) and one from a journalism class at an Italian university. I'll share more info when I have URLs to share.

At one session, I wondered if Twitter had ever considered buying a major news org. I know the party line on that was no, but I think with Twitter sort of stuck in the mud, if that might not be an interesting way to get unstuck. Consider that the valuation of Twitter is over three times that of the NYT, Twitter is still a much more efficient attractor of value than the news industry, even with it being in the doldrums, as it is (disclaimer I am a Twitter shareholder).

I met a lot of interesting people, and spent major time with some people I already knew. I saw Hossein Derakhshan for the first time since he spent six years in prison in Iran. Lots to say about that. He's an amazing guy.

And many others. Just starting to sort it out in my mind.

Basically, I achieved my goal and much more. I wanted to get new rivers going in journalism. One in publishing and one in J-school. Perfect. With a few more, I'll have the beginnings of a Tom Sawyer evangelism strategy going. And I have some excellent ideas on how to take Electric River to the next level. 

At next year's #ijf the goal is to have reps of the open web on every panel that Facebook and Google people are on. I think that's a reasonable goal. And yes, also to bring some of what we've learned to journalism conferences in the US.