State of the podcast
Podcasting is still open, not controlled by a tech silo. So we're still able to have 'users and developers party together.' Amazing the door is still open for that. Let's use it.
by Dave Winer Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I'm doing a keynote at a podcasting symposium at Columbia on Friday.

Starting to think about what I want to do there. 

We're lucky that podcasting is not dominated by tech companies. Not that they haven't tried (thinking of Apple). Still to this day when people say at the beginning or end of their podcasts how to subscribe, it's a confused jumble. At some point some tech company is going to fill this void. I want to see the open web fill it first. 

Perhaps if there were a community site, a non-profit, that acted as a clearinghouse for podcast subscriptions? Technically totally doable. But is there a will to take advantage of the fact that podcasting is still mostly silo-free?

Contrast this to the talk I had to give at Perugia, where I urged people to not give up on the open web. That the path to our freedom was not closed by Facebook and Google, as it might appear, because they still do an inadequate job of news distribution. 

Podcasting is not so-controlled by tech, at least not yet. 

That's the theme for the State of the Podcast for 2017, according to me! :balloon: