Electric River v0.41b
A new version of Electric River supports podcasts, makes the app easier to control and configure.
by Dave Winer Wednesday, April 19, 2017

There's a new version of Electric River

Here's a list of the features in the new release.

Podcasts. As it reads feeds if it encounters any items that have audio enclosures, it downloads the file into a new podcasts folder in the River5 folder. There's one subfolder for each feed, so the podcasts are grouped by feed. There are new config.json settings that allow you to turn podcast downloads off or to control where the podcasts are stored. 

Read all feeds now. A new command in the Main menu. If you choose it, River5 will start reading feeds immediately, and will read all the feeds you're subscribed to, one at a time. The only feedback are new items added to the river display. (If you want to watch the progress, you can choose the Dashboard command in the Main menu.)

config.json in the River5 folder. We automatically create a config.json file in the main folder, with a few of the more common values with their default settings. This makes it easier for people to find this important file, if you want to customize the app and provides examples for how JSON format works. You should of course only edit this file if you know what you're doing. If you screw things up, just delete the file and restart the Electric River app and it will recreate the file.