No silos for podcasting
I'm as much an advocate against lock-in as Stallman is committed to free software. The users have to be free to move at all times.
by Dave Winer Sunday, April 23, 2017

When we were booting up podcasting, at the first BloggerCons at Harvard and Stanford, one of the core values, if not the core value, was no silos.

If you collected information from users, such as subscription lists, you had to share that information with the users and your competitors. If you're about making money you had to do it some other way than locking users in.

Of course not all subsequent vendors bought into that. But I did. We followed that guide in sharing the OPML source of the podcasting directory that Adam and others maintained, for example.

I'm concerned that the newest podcasting companies want to create that kind of lock-in, are in the business of creating silos.