What if you fell for the phishing hack?
All the stories about the phishing attack so far say how to avoid it. But what do you do if you fell for it, as I did?
by Dave Winer Wednesday, May 3, 2017

As I did..

I immediately went into Google's security site and deauthorized all apps that I had given access to my account.

I had been very conservative about giving access, so all I had were (what appeared to be) Google services and AirBnB. I deleted all of them.

I'm guessing that they make it look like they're Google Docs? 

Not sure about that.  

The phishers got access to my Gmail and contacts. Not so worried about the contacts, there the damage is that they transmitted the phishing email to them. Hopefully they were all smarter and most suspicious than I was. 

Anyway what else is there to do? Not sure..

I changed passwords on a bunch of important accounts, just for good luck, not that I think the passwords for any of those accounts are in my Gmail inbox.

If you have other ideas, or questions post them here.

PS: Here's a Buzzfeed story about the scam.