Old School and WebSockets for River5
Reporting on progress in two projects related to blogging and RSS.
by Dave Winer Saturday, May 13, 2017

A couple of projects to report progress on.

1. Back in the beginning, I wrote my blog with an outliner, and I could put posts of all length in the feed. Posts with titles or no titles. Any HTML I wanted. Then came Twitter and Google Reader and they squeezed my blog to almost nothing. Facebook then took out what was left. Try to write for all of them, that's the empty set. So fuck it, let's go back to the beginning before all that michegas, and have a notepad where my ideas flow and maybe some of them make it into the silos, or not. 

That's the concept.

And the implementation is coming along. 

The project is called Old School. 

Here's a link to the prototype page. You should be able to read it on a mobile device or desktop screen. Not sure when this will become the official blog, I hope soon. 

2. A number of months ago I added WebSockets to River5 but never documented it or wrote sample code. 

Now there's an example app

It hooks up to my River5 server, and displays the JSON text for every item it discovers. 

The source is on GitHub. 

That's all for now.

Enjoy your weekend! ;-)