Musical podcasts of 2005
Two musical podcasts from May 2005, a duet and a group sing. They're funny! :-)
by Dave Winer Friday, July 21, 2017

I'm helping a magazine with a story of the early days of podcasting, and came across these two musical podcasts from May 2005. 

The first is a duet with Amy Bellinger singing the theme song of Green Acres. She sang the Eva Gabor part and I did Eddie Albert's.

The second is a group sing of Dixie

In both cases the recordings were created in a totally low tech way. Play the previous version on your sound system, record that and your vocal part and upload it. Next person does their part on a voluntary first-come-first-serve basis. No coordination, whatever happens happens. ;-) 

We got up to five parts with Dixie.

PS: It seems as if Green Acres should come before Dixie but it's the other way around. We finished the Dixie on May 23 and the duet on May 29.