It's even worse than it appears.
I got the answer to the programming question I asked yesterday. #
I wrote a simple Hello World app for chokidar to help others get started. #
So much to love about this Walmart ad, esp for aging hippies. #
I understand why people like Trump. When I was a teen and into my early 20s I used to love Imus in the Morning on WNBC in NY. He was incredibly rude. That's what I liked about him. The creativity of his rudeness. I outgrew it. #
I think of the Daily podcast as the NYT podcast. It's really good enough to be thought of that way. And you can tell that the people he interviews, who are all NYT reporters, feel that way too. It wasn't like that at first. I don't think they knew why they were doing it. Now I think the Daily must be catching on inside the NYT. The reporters are all very different people. Yesterday's was especially illuminating. I love seeing a venerable old newspaper transition to another great new medium. To help define that medium. It continues to be a great podcast. Mazel tov.#
Listening to the interview with Joe Arpaio yesterday on the NYT podcast, I realized very clearly why Trump likes him. They come from the same place, as do I. I went to school with kids who were like Trump, kids who had KKK/Nazi parents, who felt they were of superior stock. In fact, Trump sometimes reminds me of people in my own family. #
  • Spoiler alert, don't read the rest of this item. {#
    • I re-watched the season finale. #
    • I couldn't remember why they needed to convince Cersei of anything. Someone should have said to her that the dragons could wipe out the Lannisters and all of Kings Landing in a few minutes so she should just STFU. #
    • I guess they wanted to get the big scene with Cersei and the Mother of Dragons in the same place so Cersei could spit and sneer. #
    • Seriously, no one was impressed. #
    • That said, the part with Arya and Sansa was just beautiful. I get goosebumps as I write this. Both the characters and the actors have become amazing at the same time. #
    • I also had the thought that I would like Donald Trump to have a trial like the one Littlefinger had. #
    • }#
  • End of spoilers.#
  • Something that would be cool is a group of people who transplant items from inside silos like Facebook and make them accessible from the rest of the web.#
  • I just asked Lisa Williams to post one of her items on a blog, usually I don't, because it gets people upset. I was going to ask Enoch Choi also because I know he believes in the web, but he's busy, and the web stuff is probably very tangential to what he's doing right now.#
  • Think of it as a Web Corps. Very simple, transplant stuff outside Facebook so it can be accessed everywhere.#
  • Update: Lisa posted her item on her blog (she was already working on it when I asked) and I transplanted Enoch's post on So we're up and running. There's no "official" place to transplant to, as long as it has a URL that's publicly accessible. ;-) #
  • This is for my lovely friend nakedjen when she returns from Burning Man.#
  • It's a log of only the most important events that have happened while she is on the playa.#
  • It's been a very interesting exercise for me, the idea of recording only the most important news, the stuff a person at Burning Man needs to know about when they return.#
  • I did not include, for example, the end of Season 7 of Game of Thrones, even though it's very consequential for some. It's not urgent. Hurricane Harvey and the pardon of Joe Arpaio are essential news. And North Korea launching a missile over Japan.#

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