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Thursday, October 5, 2017
Follow-up on yesterday's braintrust query. Per Scott Hanson's recommendation, I installed MAMP. It's running and I've got a Hello World app working. Also looking for a REPL, some way to issue SQL commands in the Terminal app. That must be possible, right??#
Facebook has my number. They show me ads for real estate in gorgeous places. Some of it way too much house (I try to signal to them to stop showing me that stuff). My sweet spot is betw $400K and $600K, in the Berkshires or Santa Fe, NM. I'm scared if they had a one-cick-to-buy button on some of the places I might actually click! The Berkshires esp must be a depressed real estate market, because the houses are amazing, and the pricing history indicates lots of markdowns in the last year.#
My friend Cat Mikkelsen recently moved to Hawaii with her high-school-age son. I know her through her husband, a famous Mac developer from the 80s. She posts pics as she explores their new lifestyle in paradise. Yesterday she went kayaking on the ocean. That's a very effective way to sell real estate, indirectly, because seeing where she's going and what she's doing makes me want to buy something and live that lifestyle myself. #

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