It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Suggestion: Choose to not be offended, at least once a day.#
What if we lose the First Amendment? It's a serious question that deserves serious thought. All the reporting about stamping out fake news on Facebook amounts to suppressing speech. It can't be done without suppressing the First Amendment. And since the current govt is run by this fascist, you should expect that news would omit stories about Puerto Rico, govt sabotage of health care, even the Harvey Weinstein story might not have come out considering how much El Presidenté has to hide.#
Sometimes serendipity is worth noting. I was posting a link to this fantastic piece by Jon Chait about the last act of John McCain's political career. The software I use, a linkblogging tool I wrote called Radio3, presents a random slogan above the edit box. The slogan was especially appropriate to the piece. Finally, hopefully before it's too late, McCain-the-Maverick is showing up. #

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