It's even worse than it appears.
Friday, December 1, 2017
The news about Flynn is great. But are the Repubs passing their tax law anyway?#
Bernie Sanders had the best campaign song ever. Watch it. See if it doesn't make your heart swell with love for America. All that love is transferred to the most unlikely character. It works. Best commercial ever. Here's another song that should be the theme of a new political party, that originates with regular everyday Americans. We learned in 2017 how much we depend on each other. Let's connect on that level. People like us. #
Dan Rather: "I've seen kids spill out their piggy banks and plan their allowance budget with more care than the Republicans in Congress are planning for the future of the U.S economy."#
I don't think the Repub tax cut will feed growth. It probably will cause a recession because of cuts to programs like Medicare, Social Security. Money from those programs goes into the economy where tax cuts for the wealthy go into their bank accounts.#

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