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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Braintrust query: Help me test BingeWorthy for Movies. 🚀#
There's been a change in criteria for inclusion. We now also include movies featured on Netflix. Still getting a feel for what works here. #
Here's my ratings for currently playing or featured movies on Netflix.#
Storify is shutting down. I wanted to learn about the export formats so I started this thread, and linked to an exported story in XML and JSON. #
Every generation must learn about NIH for itself. #
It's Mueller vs Moore for the heart of the Republican Party. That's the choice should Moore win today.#
Dems are more likely imho to become a majority in Congress when the Republican Party splits in two because Mueller and Moore can't fit in the same party, Repubs will have to choose. If they all go with Moore, then the election will probably be meaningless, sadly.#
Let's run a hologram of FDR for president in 2020. FDR gave the best campaign speeches. We need someone who can fire up a crowd like he could. If there aren't any living Democrats who are up to it, we can fall back to technology, need-be.#
If Moore loses then Repubs may feel encouraged that there is a bottom below which they won't sink.#
Survey: What did Trump mean when he said Gillibrand would do anything for a donation?#

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