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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Welcome to BingeWorthy for Movies! 🚀#
There's a section in the BingeWorthy howto for the movies. #
Overview: the movies in BingeWorthy are the ones currently in theaters. New movies will be added over the coming weeks. The big day of release of course is Christmas Day. Not sure how it will evolve after that. The immediate goal is to find out what people think of movies in almost realtime, as they roll out through the theaters. Also included are new releases on Netflix and other streaming services as well as featured releases from previous years. I wanted to be sure people had something to rate on their first visit. #
With this release, the first site is now repositioned as BingeWorthy for TV. It has been moved to a sub-folder. The home page still is the TV version, but I plan to redirect from there to one of the sub-sites. Not doing that immediately. #
There are a bunch of changes and new features. There's a link icon in the upper left corner of the program box. This is the permalink to the page for that program. Previously there was no easy way to get a permalink. Also there's a menu bar at the top of the screen. The links below the program box have been moved there. I expect there will be more things to link to over time, and we needed an approach that would have some ability to extend. #
If you have questions or problems to report, please post a comment on the howto page.#
Demo of new thread-writing feature in Twitter.#
I have these sexy new headphones. Great sound. But I keep accidentally hitting the controls, which are not labeled. I have no idea what they do, other than they turn the music off, and I can't figure out how to turn it back on. This gets inconvenient when I'm out and about and it's fucking cold outside. They should user-test these things in the conditions people really use them in. #
Another thing. The Music app on the iPhone doesn't let you search your own library. You can only search their library, the one that costs money or shares all your prefs who god-knows-who. #
Fact: Donald Trump, president of the United States has a weird as yet undetermined relationship with Russia. He probably owes them a lot of money. We need to know about this. Since the president hasn't been forthcoming, we're using the FBI.#
BuzzFeed imho should have become a venue for news the way the cable channels are. But with lots of studios distributed around the world. That would have guaranteed them a seat at the table going forward. #

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