It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday, December 21, 2017
If you have a comment about something I've written on this blog, you can use the Discuss tab to add a note. I'm using Disqus, because it's so easy, but am considering other approaches, even replacing it with a simple chat app. The comment guidelines still apply. #
Apparently there's a march to impeach Trump in Washington on January 20 and elsewhere. Looking for a simple fast website to point to for this event. Not on Facebook. Any pointers?#
Nieman Lab runs a year-end series of essays by experts on the future of news. If I had a say --> In the future news will include perspectives from voters and taxpayers, people who are governed, the ideas and questions they have, without experts getting in the middle. Also "public editors" will be members of the public, not professional journalists. #
Really the greatest disease of journalism is its closed topology. No ideas can enter. It runs off its own fumes, only. Nothing can take it off course. Same assumptions apply, always, even when discredited. Allowing non-journalists access to the flow would change that in an instant. Which is why journalists are so totally opposed to it. They do not want change. #
I've found that when someone asks your opinion what they usually mean is they want you to agree with them.#

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