It's even worse than it appears.
Monday, January 1, 2018
Good morning and welcome to 2018. This should be an interesting year. Lots of decentralization and networking. More diverse voices heard. New tools developed. Less waiting for BigCo's to hear us. A way around the monoculture of journalism? A mind bomb every day. #
The great thing about New Year's Day is thank goodness we don't have to do a holiday season for another 8 months or so.#
I love the cold. There's nothing like a long brisk walk in the cold in NYC. For one thing, the streets are pretty empty. And because it's so cold you can really get your engine going and not overheat. I think I must be like some trees, they need a hard frost to reset, to feel the time passing. In California, I'd go "Oh shit another incredibly beautiful day." I like nice weather as much as the next guy. But all nice weather? No, not good for Mr Dave.#
I, Tonya is a very good movie. Kind of like a Coen Brothers comedy. #
I wrote this piece in 2015 about an exchange on my blog in 1994. "I try not to get offended on principle," a friend wrote. Which freed me to write what I see. If we all adopted that value, the net would be a much more usable space. #

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