It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday, March 8, 2018
Podcast metadata varies widely. Here's a screen shot of four podcasts. #
I just updated the Google and HTTP faq, adding a new section about the web and safety, and quite a few other edits and reorgs.#
Matt Webb is a new voice in opposition to Google's treating the web as if it were a corporate platform. I added this to his tweets: "Google is trying to force people to change. I can accept them doing that for APIs and platforms they created, but not for the web. They are a guest here, as we all are. Guests don't make the rules."#
As I read this, I kept thinking, this is the company that thinks they can run the web better than the people who were running it before (i.e. no one).#
I often get asked if I hate AMP -- I don't, but maybe I'm missing something. As far as I know, Google isn't trying to force people to use it, rather providing incentives to do so. This is a key difference.#

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