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Monday, April 9, 2018
If RSS was a startup and had a CEO that TechCrunch needed access to, or was backed by VCs, or even a big tech company, they would temper their judgment. Instead it's a punching bag, a technology piñata. But people love RSS. It's still here, ready to bring you the news. And honestly they probably wouldn't beat on it if it weren't threatening someone. ❤️#
I have been playing with the source for the forever utility. I want to try adding a few features, see what happens. But I have a basic question.#
Note to self, find a CDN for common files needed by River5 apps.#
Dan MacTough answers the question I posed in my podcast, asking about how to treat URLs of feeds in a MySQL database.#
I've had Frontier running on my desktop for over a month. Using it all day every day for writing code and documenting stuff. I never noticed how reliable it is, even in 2018, many years after its last overhaul. A testimony to fine engineering by André Radke and Ted C Howard, two programmers who probably have never met. Just wanted to put a H/T out there and a big thank you. (In comparison, I have to restart my JavaScript apps every day or they are way too slow.)#
I have developed all kinds of JavaScript stuff and have never used promises. I like callbacks. They aren't too complicated for me. I know I'm probably the only one.#
Sometimes a company asks a great question on Facebook, and wtf, I answer it. Like this one. They asked us to name a concert that totally blew your mind. Here's what I wrote. "Beach Boys as the surprise guest act with the Dead at the Fillmore East in 1971. When they were setting up no one knew who they were, they had grown their hair, turned into hippies. Then they played a hit, Heroes and Villains, and the place came apart."#
I hate possessions. With my mom dying earlier this year, the house I grew up in will soon be out of the family. All this stuff, if we threw it out, would be gone forever. It was nice that she was keeping it all. Then I think of all the possessions I've taken from that house in the past. Where are they now? Not anywhere I can put my hands on them. I have shed all my possessions several times in my life. Yet I keep accumulating them. This year I got far more than I ever wanted. What will become of them? I really can't be trusted with things. ;-)#

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