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Saturday, April 14, 2018
Open source developers need as much support as the users of their products. With that in mind, I want to congratulate the developers of jsDelivr. I just adapted my project to use it as a CDN. The process was hard work, but made much easier by the docs and design of jsDelivr. That part was a breeze. They tell you just what you need to know when you need to know it with no extra fluff. This is really rare. Good work! 💥#
BTW, development on feedBase is on pause, but I'm going to swing back around to it. I find it's good that once the initial problems are shaken out of a new product, it's good to step back and let it settle down before the next major construction project. (Update: as soon as I wrote this, I found two glaring problems. I'm going to fix them now, not going to wait for the next round of work.)#
I wrote an overview of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, the piece I feel the press hasn't written. In case you haven't seen it. 🚀#

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