It's even worse than it appears.
Monday, May 7, 2018
Ultimately journalism will have to choose sides. And it's not Repubs vs Dems. It's the ruling class vs the people. Today's journalism sides with and is immersed in the ruling class. When journalism says it wants subsidies from the government or from rich tech companies, that just pushes them further over the edge. If they ever get them, they will be in freefall. #
2015: "To come so far, when all my material dreams of childhood could be realized with a single click, to realize that what I had then is what I most desire now."#
BTW, magically sometime in the last few weeks I aged another year. I am now 63. One more year before I get to sing the Beatles song. I don't believe in celebrating birthdays on the net. I know other people like it. No judgment. I had to edit my personal page just now, so I thought I should mention it here. #

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