It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, November 6, 2018
As a boy who was raised in Queens, I'm proud that Amazon chose one of their two new HQs to be in my home borough. #
I think my new iMac Pro is more sensitive about wifi connections than my previous iMac, where I could leave a Terminal window open to a server for weeks and it would stay up. Now, typically, I have to restore the connection every the morning. The only variable that changed on my end is the computer and of course the OS. #
An idea for a simple web service. Watch your own Twitter account and keep an outline of all your posts, ready to be copy/pasted into your blog or emails or other writing. This didn't used to be interesting because of the 140 char limit, but 280 is enough to write down an idea. It's easier for me to jot down an idea on my phone in Twitter than in another app. And their API makes this even more useful.#

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