It's even worse than it appears.
Friday February 1, 2019; 8:12 AM EST
  • In 2015 a friend was going through a tough time. The bottom had dropped out of his tech industry life. It had happened to me. I gave him the advice that worked for me, that helped me go on after my dreams of grandeur had been revealed to be foolish. I posted it on Facebook for some reason, which proves I guess that despite what so many say, it has or at least had a purpose. #
    • I have a friend who's going thru a familiar struggle. I have some advice that's imho worth sharing.#
    • Go some place natural. Alone. Where no one knows you or who you know. Subtract everything that defines you as a pundit or friend of the rich and famous. No gadgets.#
    • Swim. Get massaged. Try being quiet. Talk about your childhood. Find yourself, the person you've been hiding from.#
    • Just be another random person, one of seven billion, because that is the truth. That is who you are. Who I am. Who everyone is. When you really feel it a weight comes off. None of this shit matters.#

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