It's even worse than it appears.
Braintrust query: I'm having a problem with the Node.js request function. When making a request of a process running on the same server, I get an ECONNREFUSED. This has happened on two servers. The code used to work. Then I tried accessing the server through the CURL command line utility and it also failed. Yet if I access the same address from another computer, it works. I'm at a loss. #
Suggestion for AirBnB. Allow renters to bid. If I want to book a house for a week and would like a discount, let me make an offer. The owner can accept, reject or make a counter-offer. [Update: Apparently you can do it.]#
The best thing about Cohen's testimony is that finally the source is going direct. The story is much more compelling when told in the first person.#
Hmmm I wonder what the people of South Korea think about Trump’s idea that Vietnam could serve as a template for North Korea.#

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