It's even worse than it appears.
It's not surprising that a journalist, Karl Bode, wants to tax Facebook to pay him to write ads for journalism.#
I got my coffee and breakfast sandwich at a nearby Manhattan Starbucks today. On the way out I noticed a Michael Jackson song was playing on the store's sound system. Since this is NYC, people didn't seem to notice. I think we're going to continue to listen to him, and I think that's right. The music doesn't belong to him, even if it's his voice, because it was so important in its time, to all of us. We all remember where we were when Thriller and Billie Jean were top hits. I was CEO of a growing software company headquartered on Charleston Road in Mountain View. I was driving a white BMW 535i with a kickass sound system that was wonderful to listen to Jackson on. I was young, the world was mine, I was creating the best stuff in the world, and he wrote the theme music. These days I don't listen to his music very much, but I did just load up the Thriller album on my iPhone to listen to on the drive I'm taking today. I expect to enjoy the feelings it brings up. I'm enjoying writing about it now. #

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