It's even worse than it appears.
Want to run against Trump and win? Nominate a great comedian, because that's Trump's schtick. That's why he wins. #
The open web still needs a great for-the-record writing system. #
  • You know what pisses me off. A guy writing the best political blog out there, on Facebook. So after I read his piece and think "everyone should see this" I can't send the link outside of Facebook.#
  • We have this incredible thing called the web and we don't use it.#
  • Same thing when a person I admire and who is doing great stuff to help keep the web open, writes her latest report on Medium, where it is already behind a paywall and will likely disappear the day Medium runs out of ideas how to monetize news.#
  • Now that I live in the country, in upstate NY, the only NPR station I get is WAMC, which I'm not crazy about, primarily because there's this one guy who I think is obnoxious who seems to always be on. I'm thinking it might be time to get an Amazon Echo, even though I dislike the idea of bringing an always-on listening device into my home. #
  • I posted the item above on Twitter without enough background info. This is for the kitchen. Of course I already know about streaming stations available in a web browser. There's no place for a laptop on the kitchen counter, along with the toaster, coffee maker, microwave, etc. People have also recommeded Sonos, but they are doing the same thing as the Amazon Echo, they run the exact same software. #
  • I think I know what I have to do...#
  • The Sangean WR-2 radio I currently have, which I bought in 2007 for the house in Berkeley, is a lovely product. Not cheap. But I've used it almost every day since then. Listening to the radio in the morning is part of my daily ritual. I love that I've had it so long. But of course there is a new model that has all the features I want. The best one is simply that it supports Bluetooth and that means anything I can play on my iPhone that's always in my pocket I can play on the kitchen radio. It means however that I'll have to replace the radio I love so much. Oh well. #
  • This is a lot like replacing the 10-year-old Sony screen that I have with a new 4K screen. The quality is better, for sure, but the biggest reason to buy the newest version are all the new standards they support. Without that it remains an island, it can't connect to the other devices. In the last decade connectivity has gone from a promise to reality. #

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