It's even worse than it appears.
New header graphic, American pride. #
What a great win. Let's keep that energy flowing. #
I gave $100 to Marianne Williamson for president. She has a message that's totally worth listening to. We love America. We're not scared of the world, we lead the world. If we want a place in America for everyone, we need an expansive view of who we are and what our abilities. #
I gave up on Designated Survivor, I even tried skipping ahead to the third (Netflix) season, where they say the f-word and there are naked butts, but it's just like House of Cards, idiotic. But the set for the Oval Office is much better. After looking through HBO, I landed on The Affair on Showtime. Finally something with an adult plot, and HBO style. One of the stars is McNulty from The WIre and his asshole father-in-law is the police chief who tormented McNulty. And the sex is not gratuitous, it's the plot. Montauk is very photogenic as is McNulty's lover. It got high ratings, I'm in episode 3 of season one and there are four seasons, so I'm hopeful. #
Idea. They should only play the national anthem at the end of a match, and only the anthem of the winning country. That way they have something of honor to play for, and we only have to listen to one anthem.#

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