It's even worse than it appears.
Circular firing squad time in Trump mob family.#
President Pelosi. Try that idea out for a moment.#
The reporting on Ukraine misses an important point. Not only was Trump putting the squeeze on Ukraine to become part of his mob, he was also selling them out. A small relatively powerless country that depended on our protection, Trump was stepping back and letting Russia roll over them. #
Reporters should consider that Bernie Sanders might not want to continue his campaign.#
OMG you have to see this.#
I just had a vision of Trump's future. #
Michael Moore was a guest on MSNBC last night. It was really refreshing. He provides the perspective of a person. He thinks Biden should be leading the fight against Trump. I agreed with everything he said. Clear thinking. Totally worth watching.#
Poll: If you're watching Succession, who's your favorite?#
WIth Big 25 coming up, it's great to hear from people who were reading in the early years. For example, David Boroditsky checked in yesterday on Twitter. He sent a link to an email he sent me, which I posted to the blog, in Oct 1996, two years after the start. He talks about the non-web features of Frontier. Sometimes I forget that Frontier and the blog were two sides of the same coin in the early days. All the early blogging and RSS software ran in Frontier. #

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