It's even worse than it appears.
I foresee a day when we'll have writing collectives on the web. Small groups of people striving for excellence in thought and expression, as a collection. I already know two people I'd like to write with. #
When the Democrats debate tonight, I hope they remember there are people listening. Try to make us see how things would be different and better if you were president. I really don't care if you can show one of your rivals to be wrong. #
Braintrust query: Have you used managed databases on Digital Ocean? If so, are you pleased with the results?#
Little Outliner is an easy to learn, entry-level outliner that runs in a web browser. It's written in JavaScript.#
I come from a time when there was no advertising in software. Perhaps that's why I think this way?#
A new 11.5 mile rail trail is opening in the area on Friday. #
Francis Ford Coppola on Ari Melber last night. I'd love to hear FFC talk for hours about whatever he wants to talk about. #
  • A reader asks how to find posts from previous months. I explained.#

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