It's even worse than it appears.
  • One of things I've always admired about Cubs fans is that when an opposing team hits a home run, the Wrigley Field protocol demands that the fan who caught the ball throw it back on the field. It's a sign of disrespect. Basically fuck you and your home run. In baseball, that's cool. And it is in politics too, to throw back at a president who crosses the line of propriety every waking moment, to throw back at him one of the most vile and disgusting campaign slogans ever, in any political system, anywhere. #
  • And last night, the crowd at the World Series game in DC did something most of us would love to do if given the chance. With President Trump in attendance, being called out on the scoreboard, they first booed him and then chanted Lock Him Up. #
  • As a Mets fan of course I don't usually have a lot of sympathy for Nationals fans, but this is bigger than baseball. I love what they did. #
  • Lock Him Up should be the chant at every sports event until he is gone.#
  • This morning on MSNBC we get a lecture from Morning Joe and Mika saying you shouldn't do that. And then Senator Chris Coons from Delaware, a Democrat, says the same. Respect the office if you don't respect the person. Well fuck you. We've been very civil through this whole process, and we're fed up. If you respect the office so much, Coons, why do you stand by and let him shit all over it?#
  • These people have the wrong idea about who we are. We're not children who are misbehaving. We're the electorate of this country, the ones who elected them, and we're saying if you haven't had enough yet, we have. It's time to do what we sent you there to do. #
  • So much damage is being done to our country while pundits and Democrats worry about which side of the plate the napkin goes. When you get him out of our White House, we'll stop calling for him to be locked up. Do your jobs and until you take care of this just shut up. #
  • Now that the pundits and pols are making such a big deal about this, it'll be interesting to see what happens Tuesday night in Houston. #
  • The reaction from pols and pundits reinforces that it would be a good idea to have a permanent citizen's occupation of DC. 100K people, always there, walking up and down the mall chanting Lock Him Up until the Repubs and Dems and members of the Supreme Court get the idea that the people of the United States are fed up not just with him, but with you too. #

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