It's even worse than it appears.
Video demo of a feature coming soon in LO2, probably tomorrow. You can load in all your tweets for the day. Makes it easy to use Twitter as a place to record ideas that then flow through your outline.#
We’ve been working on news on the web for 25 years, and given the bandwidth of the network, the power and capacity of servers, and the incredible devices we carry with us, that news on the net is such a miserable experience. Clearly something is very wrong. #
I've long felt that the niche occupied by Heroku is under-explored. It looks like Glitch is going there. Good. #
Since socialism is going to be a big "issue" for the foreseeable future, let me offer two pieces I wrote on the subject. First, The world is socialist in 2011. "Ayn Rand's philosophy might have worked in an agrarian society when people lived far apart, and couldn't pool their resources. When there wasn't much technology, so there wasn't much point in trying to fight disease or keep the trains running, because there was no medicine or trains." And Health care is socialist in 2017. "We don't know who will get sick, or when. So rather than take a risk that you'll be the one who gets the expensive disease, we pool our resources to pay a share of what the treatment would cost each year." I put "issue" in quotes because it isn't a real issue. Everything is socialist, it has to be, there is no other way. So it's redundant to say someone is a socialist. We all are. #
Is it any wonder that the presidential nominating process has become a weekly reality show, in every way. #
Ladies and gentlemen, Rush Limbaugh!#
Maybe the NYT was always this stupid, and we were too young and stupid ourselves to notice?#
  • I bought a new 2019 Subaru Forester about a year ago. It works pretty well. There are things that could work better, but I like it. It's a good car for where I live, in the mountains north of NYC. But it's not perfect. About the half the time the driver seatbelt gets stuck in the door. It was a hassle until now, but all the buckle slamming has broken a sensor built into the door. The car's electronics thinks the door is always open even when it's closed. #
  • Now the battery runs down overnight and the car requires a jump start. And all the alarms are ringing when I'm driving. #
  • I took the car in for service. It's still under warranty, but Subaru wants me to pay for the repair. Estimate $500. #
  • I can't imagine what they think I'm doing. #
  • They say they can't reproduce the problem. #
  • Seems to me it's a design flaw. #
  • This is where we're stuck.#

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