It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday March 31, 2020; 11:29 AM EDT
  • Usually I get groceries once a week, and there's nothing surprising about it, certainly nothing that's blogworthy. Today it's different. It was time to go, and I dreaded it. But I had a mask, and they have sanitizing wipes at the front door, and I had read all about how to do it safely, so I went. A few notes. #
    • The store wasn't empty, but it wasn't very full either. People were cheerful, as they often are in the country. I didn't think I'd be able to smile through the mask, but I figured it out. I say hello and tell the other person that I'm wearing a mask (obviously) and smiling under it. Which of course makes my eyes smile. #
    • I got almost everything I wanted, and more. It's still an American supermarket. Filled to the brim with goodies and the essentials. I got meat, milk, eggs, veggies, bags of onions, potatoes and oranges. A 24-pack of water and my two favorite kinds of diet soda. #
    • And to my surprise they had wipes! I got the last two packages. And they have a limit of two per customer. See the photo below. This made the whole trip worthwhile. I desperately have wanted to have some of the basic sanitizing supplies at home. Now I do. And I love that they have the daily limit of two per customer. I heard about people hoarding, coming back to the store three times a day to swipe up all the paper goods and cleaners. #
    • The checkout station was revamped. There's a red line that keeps you from getting to close to the checkout person. There's a plastic shield separating the customer and the clerk. They don't pack your cloth bags, but they're happy to use their paper bags, which they're now giving out for free after a few months of getting us to switch over. #
    • We're now a few weeks into this crisis, and we're doing better than the worst I had anticipated. America is still America, somewhat. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ#
  • Two-per customer limit for sanitizing wipes at Woodstock supermarket.#

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