It's even worse than it appears.
Today's song: Truckin. (Of course.)#
Americans are wearing masks and wondering when Trump will show up for work, or resign and get out of the way.#
We now know what happens if Trump screws with the election. He's going to have to answer to the moms.#
My mom would have been one of the moms. #
Portland could send a handful of plain clothes cops to DC to arrest the temporary acting secretary of Homeland Security. Grab him off the street, into an unmarked car with DC plates, fly him back to Portland, lock him up, and put him on trial for kidnapping. He's a nice looking guy, he'd probably look great in orange. 💥#
Ken Smith nails it. Depressed people think too linearly. Trump shot his wad, for nothing -- motivated his opposition, which was already pretty motivated. Did he see the protests just a few weeks ago. #

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