It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday August 18, 2020; 11:34 AM EDT
  • Two reasons to live in this area. Blueberries and Adams marinara. #
  • My mother would have turned 88 on Thursday. She was always on my case to eat more blueberries. She would be happy to know that I am. Esp this time of year. #
  • I live in blueberry country. It's peak blueberry season. I bought these at Adams in Kingston. #
  • Blueberries in season.#
  • Every place has one of these groceries. In New Orleans it's Langenstein's. In Menlo Park, Draeger's. In Woodside, Roberts. In the Hudson Valley -- Adams. They make a lot of their own stuff. They get the best products. They have a farm where they grow a lot of the produce they sell. #
  • Right now we have peaches and all kinds of berries, local grown, fresh and delicious. In September that's when the apples arrive. Huge boxes of them. It's something to behold. New we have blueberries.#
  • And I'm telling you, their marinara sauce is the best. I know Adams is not an Italian name. But somehow they figured it out. Very fresh and delicious in every way. Previously my favorite marinara was San Marzano. Very good. But Adams is better imho. #
  • Adams marinara.#

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