It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday October 27, 2020; 11:59 AM EDT
  • First a story... #
    • I once lived on a narrow road, so narrow there was barely room for two cars. When approaching an oncoming car on this narrow lane, at first, when I was a newbie to the neighborhood, I’d do the neighborly thing and move to the right to make room. Always, the other car wouldn’t budge, so I’d have to pull off the road and slow to a stop. I found this frustrating of course, an example of selfish, Republican-like behavior. #
    • Then I altered my procedure. When I saw a car approaching, I would still move off the to right, but if they didn't mirror my move, I'd veer directly into their path. This makes my car look bigger, and more of a threat to them. No need to honk my horn. The action is enough. Immediately, the other car always moves to the side, and I then move to my side, and we pass each other, both fully on the road, and going at normal speed. #
    • I assume these are otherwise good people who are selfish, like most people are, and will see your offer to get out of their way as weakness, and they'll just plow through you. Like Republicans. If you show you are selfish too, they'll negotiate for a win-win. #
  • Soooo, this is where we are. The Repubs walk all over the Dems. But if you love America, you have to vote Democratic, because the Repubs are crazy fascists. We have to teach the Dems how to be hardass motherfuckers, and insist that they have a head-on collision with the Repubs so they respect them, and in doing so, respect us. #
  • We are right now poised to lose our system of government. Okay, we accept that. Let's go all the way. The Supreme Court is already tainted. Let's just go ahead and call them illegitimate. The line was crossed not with the new justice but with Kavanaugh. The moment he spouted Clinton conspiracy theories in his confirmation hearing was the moment I realized the enemy isn't just in the Oval Office, but in the Supreme Court too. We need to either get Kavanaugh and his ilk off the Court, to re-establish its legitimacy, or so dilute their vote as to make them irrelevant. #
  • People say oh if you pack the court, the Repubs will do the same when they take power again. Fine. So we'll stack the court for them too. Instead of just adding four or six new justices, let's add 1000. All of them card-carrying members of the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party. The Repubs will ignore their decisions when they're in power, and the Dems will ignore the current 6-3 court which, I would like to add, in no way represents the people of the United States. We don't like Citizens United, we want the Voting Rights Act back in force (obviously) and we want the three justices appointed by the criminal traitor Trump removed immediately, or else we'll add 100000 new justices, starting right now. #
  • If you don't like crazy, dear Republicans, then stop being crazy. And fuck off, we don't give a shit what you think. We love your tears. When you cry we are happy. Thank you very much.#

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