It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday December 6, 2020; 11:33 AM EST
  • When we were first rolling out podcasting in the winter of 2004, we had a hard time getting anyone in established media to listen. I think people could have understood, but they didn't make the effort to listen. #
  • It does take effort to listen, I've seen it in myself. We just have our heads down and are focused on what we do. It's even worse today, sixteen years later.#
  • Trump stumbled across the idea we were selling, me, @ev, the other blogging and RSS folk. Trump understood it intuitively, we understood it technologically (and some of us as writers and designers).#
  • So now this method of communication is owned by the tabloids, only worse. Real journalism is reduced to writing about the hoaxes spread in the more powerful media channel. #
  • To win, we have to work together. The people with a vision for how the tech could help, and the people who are able to actually run the complex machinery of government.#
  • We. Have. To. Work. Together.#
  • In the past when that happened, when there was real collaboration, the result was explosive, in a good way.#

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