It's even worse than it appears.
Got my second vaccination today! 😄#
Anyone who has an opinion will be seen as grumpy. #
People don't know that podcasting came out of the blogging and RSS community in the early 2000s.#
Something to be grateful for, if Rush Limbaugh had died a month earlier, Trump would've probably had a state funeral for him.#
I use a Mac. I keep the desktop Dock at the bottom of the main screen. I want to be sure the dock doesn't magically get moved to the second screen. It happens every few days, if I click in the dock in a certain way. Is there some way to lock the dock in place, at the bottom of the main screen? It doesn't seem there should be any mouse click that gets the dock to move such a great physical and conceptual distance. #
More bad human factors from Apple. I've had this problem where it complains about disks being ejected that I never ejected. I deal with it, but today there seems to be an infinite number of these dialogs. I've been clicking on the Close button in these dialogs for ten minutes, and it's impossible to know how many there are. It feels like thousands. I've tried pressing modifier keys while clicking, to no avail. #
One more. I got a new pair of AirPods, couldn't live without them. I couldn't for the life of me read the very simple instructions. Letters are a light gray on a white background and tiny. Why? They have so much space. Why not use a big font and black letters? Did they user-test this at all? Are their designers sadists? Questions questions. #
Trump: "Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack." The description also matches Trump. I wonder if he knows this. #
Imagine if the only sound the human voice could make was this: oy. We'd develop a whole language around various intonations and combinations of oy. Give it a try. Sing Jesus Christ, Superstar, but replace all the words with combinations of oy. Try not to laugh.#

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