It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday December 28, 2021; 10:39 AM EST
  • i've been following new threads for the last few weeks. as i hope you've seen we now have daytona, and it's made my blog much more useful to me. maybe more than anyone else because I have so many years of archives. lots to discover in there. #
  • i've also been hacking away at a project called glorp that takes outlining off in a direction that's new, like old school was new before it was connected to drummer. it's just as different, but unlike the drummer/old school combination, which goes back to 1997, the structure in glorp is new. you haven't seen this before.#
  • yet it has the maturity that old school had when it was first hooked up to drummer. because i made glorp for myself, in 2013, four years before old school. i was transitioning from an all-frontier environment to an all-javascript environment. and i needed a way to edit node projects in my outliner. so i tried an idea out, put S3 paths in the top level headlines of an outline, and underneath that at the second level, paths to individual files, and beneath each of those at the third level and below, the contents of the files. the way the text would be rendered was determined by the file extension. so you could mix .js files with .md files and .opml and whatever.#
  • this project came together remarkably quickly, it almost wrote itself. there aren't many things like that, but i'm reminded of how easy it was because in a few days i re-created it in electric drummer. it's a vital step to being able to move my entire work environment into linux, which i really want to do. the idea of using the same platform for development and deployment is very powerful. i've been there before, until the late 90s i ran my server on a mac and edited on a mac (steve jobs blew that up, he never even knew what we had working). #
  • anyway i yearn to get back to that, and away from apple's culture that breakage is fine. for projects like mine which span decades, that attitude is poison.#
  • ps: as you can see i've deprecated the shift key in all but the most necessary places. i used to find it easy to reach for a shifter, but these days i seem to prefer my fingers to stay closer to home as i type. i have no idea how this happened. i probably will fix this text before the mail goes out tonight, or maybe i won't. what's next? apostrophes? 🚀#

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