It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday December 29, 2021; 12:08 PM EST
  • So interesting -- people who write for major media can't see the humor in Don't Look Up. It would require them to see their own filters, which are impossibly hard to see. #
  • But here's a fact: Major media can't report bad news.#
  • Case in point: I saw a bit that maybe we've found the smoking gun for Jan 6. They've been speculating for months.#
  • But we saw the smoking gun on Jan 6, on C-SPAN. If they could remember we saw the gun, they could make the story about what it should be -- why hasn't the DoJ indicted him yet? What's the hold up. That should be the top story on political news every night. Not where's the smoking gun. Trump is, if anything, a walking talking smoking gun. #
  • The smoking gun. #
  • PS: If you don't like the Jan 6 invitation to the MAGA mob to burn down the house, how about the recording of him trying to fix the Georgia election. That's looks like pretty good evidence to this non-lawyer.#

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