It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday February 2, 2022; 3:25 PM EST
  • When you call 1-800-MYAPPLE, an intelligent robot answers the phone, introduces itself as as such and kept sending me to tech support when I had a customer service problem, and said so clearly in short phrases. I am trained at talking to Alexa, Siri and my Tesla, I know how to give them commands. #
  • Then, on my way back to tech support, it asked me to identify myself, but didn't say what info it wanted. It paused and in a stern voice said I had not answered the question in enough time. #
  • And then it connected me to customer service to talk to a human. #
  • Which btw was exactly what I was hoping for when I called the number in the first place. #
  • For a super high tech company this was embarrassing. #
  • To their credit, the human I spoke with was apologetic.#
  • Do they test their software at Apple? #
  • I also tried using their text chat service, it was worse. It repeatedly told me to use the self-help system. Why offer a chat service if you're just going to tell me to use the self-help system? (Interestingly the self-help system gave me information I did not have.)#
  • A $1300 purchase, btw. #

Last update: Thursday February 3, 2022; 2:22 PM EST.

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