It's even worse than it appears..
  • Feature request for Twitter.#
  • Call it "Super Block."#
  • Blocks anything posted by a person, and RTs of anything they posted. #
  • Tricky part, I'd want screen shots of their posts to be blocked too.#
  • It's as if the super-blocked person does not exist. #
  • I've spent most of the last 1.5 years reading about slavery in the US, mostly from the perspective of descendants of slaves.#
  • I'm not done yet. I think I could spend the rest of my life reading only about this, and with every book learn something important about my country that I never knew before. #
  • I'm now reading HCR's book about slavery, it's from a very different perspective, that of a current-day (white) historian.#
  • I find this piece fits in nicely with the others I've read. #
  • It's the missing history book, the one we didn't read in school. None of us did, of no American generation. As far as I know, the truth about America has never been taught in an American school, to American kids.#
  • Never. And that means you got the wrong story as I did.#
  • And please don't assume you know what the story is. You can't and you don't.#
  • If you aren't into OPML and RSS you can skip this post. 😄#
  • I have yet to organize all the bits going into my next project, the one I've been working on all year (so far). It doesn't even have a codename yet, which is unusual for me, I usually come up with them at the beginning. It will eventually have one. Anyway at this time I don't have a good place on GitHub to put the bits, the data and scripts, so I'll hang them off this post on my blog until a better place shows up. #
  • I wanted a really good example of an OPML subscription list for the RSS-related project. The canonical example is the collection of feeds for the NY Times. They have them all assembled on a single page. I did a view source, and saw that it's good HTML. I selected the part of the HTML with the feed list, and opened it in an HTML source editor, and cleaned it up until it validated. #
  • Then in Frontier, I wrote a script to read the file into an object database structure, and then wrote a script to create a flat OPML subscription list with the data. I opened the outline in Drummer, and organized it the way they have it organized on their site. I then opened the outline in my feed reader app and copied a few of the feeds from the NYT list, pasted them into the list for the test app, and it worked. 😄#
  • Now we also have a current, complete and well-organized list of the NYT feeds. It should prove useful in the work to come.#

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