It's even worse than it appears..
Poll: When does life begin?#
It was always possible to edit subscription lists in Drummer, its native format is OPML which is the same format used for subscription lists for RSS applications, but a feature was added and a howto written that makes it easier. You can start with a list exported from your feed reader, or write one from scratch to import into your reader. #
I've noticed my Spectrum bill inches up a few dollars every month. Not enough to make a stink about but it adds up. I have StarLink now, but haven't mounted the antenna well enough to get good connections, so I can't turn off Spectrum, yet. ;-)#
Two Game 7s in the NBA playoffs today. Uncle Davey will be watching TV. The two games mean different things, to me at least. Either way, in the first game, one very deserving team will move forward and another very deserving team will go home. The other game will determine if future Hall of Famer Chris Paul will get another shot at the championship, or if he's forever banished to being a great player who never got there. You get a sense this, at age 37, is his last shot. There's no shame in that, he has lots of company.#

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