It's even worse than it appears..
I quit smoking 20 years ago today. #
6/14/2002: "It's going to be a light day here on Scripting News. Lots of non-Internet stuff going on." In other words, I was going for a doctor's appointment to check out the problems I knew I had with my heart. They put me on a treadmill, didn't like what they saw, walked me over to the hospital to get an angiogram. Didn't like that they saw. A few days later I had heart surgery, and a week later I was back home, weak as a kitten, with lots of new meds to take, and a non-smoker. I felt like I was in the house of a dead relative, that's how profound the change was. In accordance with Bruce Sterling's observation that you can make big changes when something big happens, a few months later I was more or less recovered, strong as a bull, determined to make good use of the time I had been given. A few months after that I had moved to Boston, was starting up blogging at Harvard, then BloggerCon, podcasting, and a new life. Lesson learned, don't wait for the bottom to fall out before making the changes you long to make. Also it's a lot easier to quit smoking if you're in a hospital for the first week. 😄#

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