It's even worse than it appears..
I have the Hello World feed template working. I still have to write docs. I expect to have that tomorrow. Still diggin! #
Adam Singer: "Being friendly/civil with those you disagree with is ultimately the best signal of being a mature and self-aware human being. Holding grudges, fighting forever wars, trying to cancel others is childish & petulant. We move forward faster when more people join the former category."#
  • Note to outliner devs. Look at the outline elements in the RSS items. It's like podcasting, but instead of MP3s, it's outlines. Right there in the feed. So if you know how to render outlines, you can build more interesting kind of reader. News and tools for thought in one package, it's like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for ideas. A tools for thought feed reader. More LEGO-like building blocks. Don't worry there's more. 😄#
  • This is a demo outline#
    • Put here so it shows up in the feed#
    • So when you look, you'll see a little outline#
      • Not something overwhelming#
      • Just something simple#
    • So what's new with you?#
      • How about those Mets?#
    • There's talk of the Knicks signing Kyrie Irving#
      • Needless to say given all that I've written about him, I think that would be a bad idea.#
    • Some people enjoy watching WNBA games#
      • I've never actually watched one.#
      • I know they use a smaller ball#
      • I find that alarming#
    • Unfortunately if you read this post in a month or so, this outline won't be there.#
      • In the feed that is, it'll still be here in the archive.#
      • I know, I'll put a screen shot here. #
      • That should do it. #
    • That's it for now!#
    • Have a great day.#

Last update: Tuesday June 21, 2022; 6:47 PM EDT.

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