It's even worse than it appears..
Why did Hutchinson's testimony come out today?#
What did Trump imagine he would do if he got to the Capitol? Was there a plan? Was there a team of Proud Boys waiting for him. Would he have presided over VP Pence's lynching? Did he imagine giving a speech to a joint session of Congress? Too bad SNL isn't in season.#
I bet Trump, watching TV in the West Wing, talked with panicked congresspeople during the insurrection, for fun, as they were scared of dying. The next level of rush after โ€œyouโ€™re fired.โ€#
Biden is keeping the seat warm for DeSantis. Unless he steps aside after the November election and lets the next gen of Dems duke it out. I'd like to see the governors of California and Michigan in the mix. #
My blogging ethos came from the Whole Earth Catalog. They moved from technical howto-type stuff to whatever was on SB's mind. If the ideas come from the same mind, and the pub is a product of that person's mind, it's perfect. I remember reading it at my uncle's house in Florida, totally off the grid little geodesic he made himself. I loved the Whole Earth book because it seemed like my uncle. an engineer and hippie. He was another big influence in my path to eclectic, jumping where my mind wanted to go, even if it took years.#
One of the miracles of the web. I sent a question to Heather Cox Richardson, and she responded. Even though I'm not a historian. I love it when the quality of an idea makes a difference, not the qualifications of the person asking the question. #
We should have settled slavery after the Civil War by rewriting the Constitution to take out everything that was there to protect slavery. I wonder if Abraham Lincoln had plans for this before he was assassinated. Instead we left the Constitution virtually unchanged, and as a result a slight variant of slavery rebooted right after the war and has continued since. We have yet to cleanse ourselves of slavery. Until we do that, honestly, we cannot be a country. #
BTW, the best Silicon Valley novel ever imho is Microserfs. After you read the book, it programs you to think you're in the book. Amazing how complete the virtuality is. #
  • Ever since they announced that companies can register and run TLDs, I've been somewhat obsessed by the idea of running one myself. #
  • Here's the idea, a TLD for the feed-o-sphere. I'd like to have a feed named dave.feed. When you access my domain it returns the content at a URL you specify and can change. So where ever I may be blogging today, you may find my feed at that address. #
  • So the questions are basically: #
    • How much money does it take, up front and periodically? Who gets the money? #
    • How much time does it take to apply for the TLD, and what are the requirements to be approved?#
    • Can you make a TLD non-profit, and does that affect the cost?#
    • Is it only for companies or can individuals register TLDs?#
    • What questions have I missed?#
  • I've started a thread on my blog's repo to discuss, or you can respond on Twitter, but I'd prefer on the repo.#
  • Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜„#
  • PS: Not dave.rss. I tried that for a while and got all tied up in a revolutionary movement in India, or something like that. No thank you. #
  • The Repubs want it. #

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