It's even worse than it appears..
Jon Stewart: "Only monsters would insist that doctors wait until women are so sick that they might die before they can receive appropriate medical treatment, which includes abortions.”#
I've been working outside an office for over 30 years, except for a brief period when I had an office at Berkman. Because I had the office, I was able to get an experienced radio team (Lydon and McGrath) to work with me on this idea I had for audio blogging (which became podcasting) and one of my colleagues suggested that blogging would work well with politics, which got the bootstrap of political blogging going just in time for the 2004 presidential election. So -- having an office and using it is good. In my experience, things get created that way that otherwise wouldn't.#
I mostly watch, read and listen to news to keep track of how they're screwing us.#
  • I listened to Keith Olbermann's podcast today.#
  • Wow. It's a reboot of his old MSNBC show. I missed this so much. #
  • MSNBC is so much lamer without him.#
  • I rate it must-listen.#
  • I live in an area with no cell service.#
  • It takes about ten minutes to drive to where there is service.#
  • I'd like to have my queue not run out for ten minutes. #
  • Could it learn?#
  • PS: My phone has lots of memory.#

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