It's even worse than it appears..
Saturday September 3, 2022; 11:45 AM EDT
  • You should be listening to Countdown with Keith Olbermann. He's saying the things I've been thinking about the news, how the business really works, from the inside, the things they will never say on CNN or MSNBC. Plus he's incredibly funny. 💥#
  • Now the things he won't say about I Heart Radio, the company that owns his podcast.#
    • They are the former Clear Channel, a huge dominant force in broadcast radio and outdoor advertising.#
    • They would probably love to be Spotify, but they aren't so all their podcasts available "where ever you get your podcasts," my favorite phrase that I will never get tired of hearing. (I own that, I made sure podcasts would be that way.)#
    • I Heart Radio hopes to stop saying that at some point. #
    • I wonder how much they pay Olbermann or if it depends on whether they can lock it down?#
    • All that said, listen while it's not behind a paywall, it's wonderful Golden Age of Podcasting stuff. #

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