It's even worse than it appears..
Thursday September 15, 2022; 12:30 PM EDT
  • The Mets are one of the top teams in baseball this year along with the Yankees, Dodgers and Braves.#
  • They have an "easy" schedule in Sept, so they were "expected" to cruise into the post season without a care. And on top of that, they took a series from the great Dodgers, boosting the team confidence even more. Then they lost a series to the Marlins and now were swept by the Cubs, both sub-par teams this year. The Mets might still win, because the Braves, their main competitors in the NL East, are slumping too.#
  • This is why people who really engage with sports laugh when the politicos on TV say they know how elections will go. Fuck you, you don't know shit a Mets fan might say. A Dodgers fan probably would be more polite but the sentiment would be basically the same. #

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