It's even worse than it appears..
Thursday September 22, 2022; 9:46 AM EDT
  • Trump says that the FBI was really looking for Hillary's emails when they searched Mar A Lago.#
  • That's what they'd say on a sitcom.#
  • The person who plays the ex-president, deep in dog-doo -- he'd say something like that. #
  • This reaffirms my belief that the Trump voter can't tell the difference between a president and a person playing president in a sitcom.#
  • Not sure that the anti-Trump voter is all that different, btw -- we seem to like watching the comedy of it. Watch Chris Hayes when he talks about Trump. He's not grim, he's usually laughing, and so are his guests (not all of them, I've never seen @elieNYC laugh at this kind of stuff). #

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