It's even worse than it appears..
Thursday September 22, 2022; 11:42 AM EDT
  • I have a friend whose name I won't say, who, if I say, at the end of an email, hope all is well, gives a balance sheet of what's good and not good in their life. #
  • I find this so disturbing. I always have -- I'm not sure what to do, am I supposed to give them an accounting of my life, here's the good and the bad. If I do that do I have to make my story sound like their story, mostly very good but just a little bad to make it seem real.#
  • Now that I'm older it's disturbing for other reasons. Who cares whether it's good or bad, nothing is either good or bad, or everything is bad, and everything is good. It's hubris to be in the business of judging good or bad. The universe is billions of years old. Everything you think is good or bad actually is irrelevant. See that's the joke. What you think matters, only matters to you. #
  • "Hope all is well" is just a nicety, it doesn't require a response, it isn't competitive -- if you want to expand it -- it means life can be a drag I know but I am thinking good thoughts about you, so at least that is something you don't need to add to your worries. #
  • Hope all is well. 😄#

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