It's even worse than it appears..
Tuesday November 15, 2022; 4:16 PM EST
  • If you have a boomer friend who is Jewish, you might ask what their parents told them about antisemitism and the Holocaust. #
  • The idea that we will end up in the ovens is pretty well-ingrained from all those talks.#
  • So when a comedian, singer or NBA player talks in dog whistles of their Jew-hate, it pretty much freaks us out. You may hear us laugh but inside we're revisiting our parent's fear and pain, and in their own way, love.#
  • Now a delicate subject -- when the singer, comedian or NBA player is black, this has a special sting because we heard the stories your parents told you about encounters with the police. It's an incredible perspective-shift. Some of us are listening and let it sink in. #
  • Now maybe you can appreciate that our parents had the same kinds of talks with us. Our fear is not just of our own personal deaths, but genocide. In the Holocaust they came to kill all the Jews, whole families, neighborhoods. Everyone who was wearing a yellow star. They would line us up in front of ditches and shoot everyone. Then bring in another group and shoot them so their bodies fell on the bodies that were already there. This actually happened to people of our parents' generation. This wasn't some plot to fool you. It fucking happened. It was only luck that kept them from dying this way, kept them alive so they could be our parents. And to warn us of things happening that are exactly what you are doing. We aren't stupid and we haven't forgotten. We know where you are taking us.#
  • I believe if this genocide happens in America they will come for blacks too, so what you all are doing is not just morally indefensible, it's not going to keep you and your family out of the ditches and the ovens. #
  • We should be working together. I always kind of thought we were.#

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